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If you think your porn use is a problem and you’re struggling to stop on your own, then our groups aim to kick start that change, giving you practical tools and support. That kick start may be all you need, but if you feel you would benefit from more intensive or ongoing support, we can signpost you to other resources and helping professions.

Click to Kick groups are not an alternative to professional therapy or attendance at a 12 step programme and they may not be suitable for people who have a history of addictive behaviours or who struggle with other mental health or psychological issues.  Our initial confidential assessment process will help us to ensure that you receive the best help for your individual situation and circumstances.

Hover on the 3 images below to find more about who is behind Click to Kick

  • Naked Truth Project

    Naked Truth Project

    Click to Kick is a Naked Truth initiative. Naked Truth is a Christian project that aims to open eyes and free lives from the damaging impact of pornography.

  • Paula Hall

    Paula Hall

    Paula is Naked Truth’s Head of Recovery. Paula is a psychotherapist who specialises in sex and porn addiction and is author of Understanding and Treating Sex Addiction. The Click to Kick materials are based on the Kick Start Recovery Programme written by Paula.

  • Justin Marsh

    Justin Marsh

    Justin is Naked Truth’s Head of Recovery Groups. Justin is a trained therapist and makes the initial contact & assessment. He also trains other group leaders to deliver the Click to Kick materials.


Are the groups for Men & Women

Yes. Both Men and Women can join a group, understandably the groups are not `mixed gender`

Is it confidential

When you first submit an enquiry your first name is the only required information we need. We will only use that information to contact you to arrange a confidential phone call at a time that suits you. This conversation will help us assess the best way to support you and we will not share it with anyone. IF you join a group, the only people who will know your identity will be the other members of your online group. Each group member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the anonymity of the other members and ensure that the group is a safe space for all.

Do the groups have age restrictions

Currently the groups are for 18+

Is this just for Christians

Naked Truth is a Christian project, however the core materials are appropriate for anyone, with or without a faith. We run groups that are accessible to anyone whatever their spiritual perspective, and other groups that are more clearly Christian with prayer and biblical input. Simply let us know which group you are more comfortable with.

What does it cost

There is no fixed cost. Although we suggest a recommended donation towards the charity.

What days & times are the groups running

Groups run at lunch time (between 1-2) and early evenings. Currently the days of the week can be flexible and will be agreed with group members before the group starts.