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Having been married for almost 20 years, my addiction to pornography almost destroyed my marriage and split my family. After some frank and uncomfortable conversations with my wife, I agreed that I had a problem and needed help to address it. Thankfully, as I sought help our church signposted me to the Click to Kick group run by the Naked Truth Project.

Having overcome the nervousness of speaking to a group of strangers over the internet about such a taboo subject, I took the plunge. The sessions with an encouraging facilitator and others with similar issues proved to be of great support as I took the initial steps to break free. Weekly discussions and “homework” provided easy to follow insight into issues including addiction, triggers, behaviours, reasons to quit. The use of a peer discussion group provided immediate support in-between weekly sessions. There was no judgment just support and encouragement.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a case of getting out what you put in but at the same time, the materials were simple to follow and understand. They also provided great reassurance at home as I was able to outline the topics being discussed to my wife to reassure and involve her in my recovery. I found the course provided me with an understanding of the changes caused by addiction and tools to help me avoid the lure of pornography. Through the exercises and discussions, I found myself re-evaluating my priorities and lack of balance in my life, it felt so much wider than addiction to pornography.

6-months later I remain free from the lure of pornography.

I would thoroughly recommend that anyone battling an addiction to pornography to the course as part of a strategy to break free. There is hope.

I first discovered porn at the age of 12 or 13, as I was introduced to it by a couple of friends my age. The first few things I learnt about sex were from porn, as my introduction to this extremely explicit content occurred way before I had received any form of sex education.

Throughout my teenage years, porn became a growing habit, which was strongly encouraged by everything around me. Looking back, it is clear that not only did porn negatively shape my view on females and sexuality; it also replaced all of my intimacy needs. Before I knew it, porn had become a readily available powerful anaesthetic to treat any form of anxiety, boredom, stress, loneliness or sexual desire that came my way.

It was at the age of 19 that I started to realise that porn was a problem. I was watching porn multiple times a day, and as porn usage increasingly controlled my day-to-day living, it became clear to me that I was dealing with an addiction that was having a massively damaging effect on my life.


At the age of 20 (when I became a Christian), I decided that I had to get porn out of my life for good. That decision was made just over 5 years ago, and words cannot describe the struggle that I have had to find such freedom. I have tried various forms of counseling, group sessions, online courses, CBT, and psychotherapy, read countless books and received online forum support. I have had many accountability partners and tried almost every online adult blocking program. There have been times during my recovery process, mainly due to withdrawal symptoms and a lack of hope for such freedom, that I have wrestled with depression, insomnia, stress, relationship issues, missed opportunities, and at times have struggled with suicidal thoughts.


A few months ago I started the Click to Kick group with Naked Truth Prayer, and I can honestly say that no other course has had such a profound impact upon my recovery journey. The content of the course contains the clearest and most helpful information that I have ever received. This coupled with an encouraging mentor and group support, involving people that have become friends, who are also struggling with the same issues, has been nothing like I have ever encountered before.


I can now say with confidence that I understand the exact path that I must take to recover from porn addiction in order to find lasting freedom.  The transformation that has occurred over the past 3 months has been more significant than the past 4 and half years. I now have hope, and I can say that I am actually enjoying life. Freedom is finally in the grasp of my hand as I am experiencing increasingly longer bouts of time without and porn usage, and I know that I am at the end of the road, with no intentions of turning back.


I would strongly encourage anyone dealing with porn addiction to do the Click to Kick group with Naked Truth Project. My prayer is that one-day, everyone could have easy access to courses just like Click to Kick to find freedom from the devastating affects of porn.

I first started looking at pornography when I was about 15. It didn’t seem like a massive deal then, just a way to pass the time and deal with my teenage curiosities. Over time it clearly showed it was a problem. Even when I got engaged, then married, I couldn’t stop looking. It had gone beyond just passing the time, it was an unhealthy addiction that was threatening all I found good in the world – my family, my faith, my job, my life.
I tried kicking it myself, I tried making myself promise. I tried filters, content blockers, accountability partners, anything I could find but I always found ways of getting round them or excusing myself. Then, a few years ago I came across The Naked Truth, and their online support group – Click to Kick. It seemed worth a shot.
The hardest part was signing up. Publicly admitting a problem like this isn’t easy. But once you realise there is no shame or blame aimed at you then you move past that. The on-line sessions have been fantastic. There is no judgement as you are all there for the same reason, you all have the same problem to face up to, so all you can do is support and encourage one another.
This course has helped me look at my addiction in a totally fresh way, and it’s worked! It doesn’t focus on guilt as a tool to free you, it looks at patterns of behaviours, emotional triggers, the science behind addiction and really helps you understand what you are doing and why.
Since I started the course, over 8 weeks ago now, I have been porn free. This is the longest time, since I can remember, that I have been without porn and it is brilliant. My relationships with my family are improving, my relationship with God is improving. I am no longer living either in fear or guilt.
If pornography is a problem for you then do this. Don’t let porn rule your life. Sign up, get involved and get the better of this life destroying addiciton.

The course was fantastic, I have learnt so much about my addiction, the path forward and myself. I wanted you to hear it from a broken and shamed man, that the group aspect was incredible even though I was not looking forward to it. As, a Christian I know that my walk with Christ will deepen as I learn to accept his love for me and to open my heart. From Shame to Grace.

I had been battling with porn for over 20yrs which had an effect on almost every area of my life. I would frequently look at internet porn at home and at work, even though I was in church leadership and worked in a church office. In previous years I had tried to get help and support, but I had become increasingly frustrated and angry with myself.

Working with Naked Truth helped me identify some of the underlying reasons why porn had become such a habit and helped me to face it ‘head on’. Through a mixture of both practical and spiritual tools, that Naked Truth helped me identify and use, I now feel like a completely different person who is free from this oppresive ‘addiction’.